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From how-to's and tips & tricks, to product unboxings, you'll find exclusive videos that provide innovative solutions to your application questions!

Original Articles 

Written by metalworking professionals including our expert Tech Team, topics include the latest industry news, best practices, and more.

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Exclusive downloadable PDF reference charts & guides on topics ranging from machining applications and tool selection, to heat stress prevention, emergency prep for machine shops, and much more!

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Articles, Video & Downloadable Guides

COVID-19 Response

From OSHA recommendations and posters, to financial assistance guides and product listings, you'll find solutions that mitigate risk and allow your shop to move forward, safely.


Articles, Downloadable Guides & Posters

Heat Illness Prevention

Protect your team on the shop floor or worksite from the dangers of heat related illness. Learn how to determine the heat index, recognize symptoms, and find products that help you beat the heat.

Articles & Downloadable Checklist

Hurricane Preparation

From how to protect raw materials and machinery, to preserving coolant, you'll find articles and an exclusive checklist designed to ensure your safety, minimize loss, and speed up your shop's recovery.

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Application Support

Our metalworking experts will help you overcome any application challenge you face. Let us work with you to determine the processes and parameters that will maximize your efficiency and productivity.

Tool & Product Selection 

Our specialists utilize their expertise to help you select the right tool for the job and optimize tool life.

Machinery Selection & Support

Each of member of our team has over 20 years of industry experience and can assist you with machine selection, troubleshooting and maintenance.

Training That Keeps You Competitive 

Increase Your Capabilities

Up-skill your workforce and cross-train your staff on different machines to increase your shop's flexibility and agility.

Close The Skills Gap 

Build a skilled staff that retains the deep knowledge of retiring workers.

Increase Your Shop's Efficiency

Learn best practices and cutting-edge techniques to maximize the use of your machinery and increase your shop's productivity.

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