Hand & Power Tools
These are the tools that should be found in every shop and household across the country. Travers has a huge inventory of Hand & Power tools. The selection includes benders, brushes, spatulas & chip removal, clamps, hacksaw frames, hammers, mallets & faces, keys & wrenches, knives, magnetic tooling, marking equipment, pin vises, pipe working applications, pliers, pneumatic power tools, power bits, power tools & accessories, pry bars, pullers, punches, punches & chisels, scissors, screwdrivers, mechanic's sets, snips, bolt cutters, cable cutters, sockets & accessories, torque tools, tweezers & probes, bench vises, wrenches, staplers & staples. We carry some of the best and most well-known brands including Craftsman, Allen, Bondhus, Starrett, OTMT, Stanley, TTC, DeWalt, Channellock, Lixie, Nupla & many more! With over 150,000 items to choose from Travers should be your #1 choice for hand & power tools.
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