Stub Screw Machine Twist Drill
NACHI Stub Screw Machine Twist Drills - Drill Point Angle: 135°   Tool Material: COBALT   Drill Type: Stub Length   Overall Length : 2-3/16   Point Sharpening Type: Split Point   Size : #16

Stub Screw Machine Twist Drill

Item #: 01-074-416
Brand: NACHI
Size Type: Number
Size: #16
Drill Point Angle: 135°

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  • Primarily designed for machining operations in screw machines.
  • Short length offers increased rigidity for machine drilling a variety of materials and alloys.
  • Best suited for drilling steel, cast steel, cast iron, or other alloyed or non-alloyed ferrous materials, they also work well for a variety of non-ferrous and non-metallic materials.
  • May be used with hand held manual drills and either portable or stationary machines.
  • For optimal performance and the best tool life, suitable lubricating/cutting oils or the appropriate coolant fluids are recommended.


  • Right hand (clockwise rotation) cutting direction.
  • Standard two flute design.
  • Standard spiral, helical flutes.
  • Straight shanks correspond to the drill diameter.
  • Stub lengths are proportional to the drill diameter.

Technical Data

  • Manufactured from high speed steel.
  • Precision ground flutes.
  • Cylindrically ground.
  • 118° point or 135° point angle and standard web thickness.
  • 135° split point is self-centering.
  • Steam tempered.
  • Black finished.
TTC Production
  • Black or bright finish depending upon our stock.
Nachi L6563
  • Sizes #1 thru #31: black oxide finish
  • Sizes #32 thru #52: bright finish
NACHI L6563 135° Cobalt Ground Heavy Duty Wire Gage Stub Screw Machine Length Drills
Product Specifications
Size Type Number
Size #16
Drill Point Angle 135°
Tool Material Cobalt
Finish Coating Black Oxide
Cutting Direction Right Hand
Point Sharpening Type Split Point
Decimal Size 0.1770
Drill Type Stub Length
Flute Length 1-1/8"
Flute Shape Standard Spiral, Helical Flute
No. of Flutes 2
Overall Length 2-3/16"
Series L6563
Shank Style Straight Shank
Type Stub Screw Machine Twist Drills
Weight 0.01 lb.
zFlute Length_Inch_DONOTUSE 1-1/8
Country of Origin JAPAN

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