Type M - Multi-Clamp Boring Bar
Here are Type-M Multi-Clamp Boring Bars that use replaceable carbide inserts to size, straighten, and finish the inside of drilled or cast holes in metalworking. These bars are well-adapted for use with replaceable carbide inserts having negative rake angles. You can pick from a wide range of Type-M Multi-Clamp Boring Bars here that offers a minimum bore diameter between 1.000 inch to 2.562 inches. These single-point machine tools can be easily mounted to a lathe or a turning machine. Travers has a wide range of Type-M Multi-Clamp Boring Bars with shank diameter ranging between 0.750 inch to 2.000 inches. The Indexable Boring Bars listed here are made up of Carbide, Heavy Metal, or Steel. Indexable Boring Bars are designed to remain stationary while the machine rotates the workpiece against the boring bar's cutting tip. Both left-hand & right-hand cutting direction bars are available. Type-M Boring Bars provide the flexibility of fastening various types of inserts with a screw. The available Type-M Multi-Clamp Boring Bars can be used with Square, Triangular, Parallelogram, Hexagon-shaped inserts. You can sort out the right boring bar suitable for a particular Insert type using our filter search option. It aids in metalworking where a boring tool needs to be plunged and dragged on the X or Y axis to create a slot or asymmetrical hole. It may also be moved in an up-and-down motion (on the Z-axis) to create a perfectly circular hole. Certain models of Type-M Multi-Clamp Boring Bars come with an internal cooling option that maximizes productivity. Choose from nearly 67 items of Type-M Multi-Clamp Boring Bars from leading brands like Akuma, Dorian, and others. Our selection search matrix allows you to sort out suitable Boring bars based on technical specifications, make (USA-made) or in-stock options.
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