Oil Hardening
Travers provides a dedicated range of Oil Hardened Drill Rods for any metal manufacturing project. The Oil Hardening Rod has high carbon content and satisfactory measure of alloying components, subsequently accomplishing better hardness when oil-quenched. The listed O-1 Tool Steel shows excellent weldability. It can be machined to produce drill bits, taps, dowel pins, shafts, reamers, files, punches, and hammers. The Oil-Hardened Rods can be flame-hardened to a Rockwell C65 range. We have a curated range of Oil Hardened Drill Rods from TTC Production which are completed made in USA. Oil Hardened Rods from TTC Production come in a standard length of 3 feet. Drill rods are manufactured from tool steel that has been ground to a tight tolerance diameter. You can pick the right diameter in an extensive range of inch, or metric selections using our filter search matrix. Our sources for Precision Drill Rods are unmatched in the industry. Choose from over 150+ Oil Hardened Drill Rods to suit your fabrication requirement. You may call us on our helpline number and get connected to our Technical Advisor for custom Raw Material needs.
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