Milling/Drilling Problem? Travers offers a one-stop-shop solution to pick suitable tools from a wide range of Machine Tool Accessories. Here we have Milling/Drilling Tooling Packages that will save you money when you are setting up a new machine. Drill Press Package "A" is a standard offering that includes a Drill Press Vise, Drill Chuck, Drill Chuck Arbor, 29 piece Jobber Drill Set from brand TTC. Pick Drill Press Package “B” to get R8 Integrated Drill Chuck. We also have Mill Drill Vise Packages in various categories: A+, A. B+, B. It includes a Machine Vise, Clamping Kit, R8 Integrated Drill Chuck, R8 Collet Set, R8 End Mill Holder Set, Parallel Set, Boring Head with R8 Shank, H/V Rotary Table, 20pc End Mill Set, 4pc Roughing End Mill Set, 115pc Jobber Drill Set in various combinations. Additionally, we have Milling Vise with Accessories specially curated by brand Kurt. It includes Vise, Parallel Set, Mill Stop, Work Stop, Magnetic Safety Shield Set, Vise Speed Handle. You may also pick Vise & Rotary Table Tooling Package for other specific purposes. A special addition to Milling/Drilling Tooling Packages is this Toolmaker’s kit. It includes Screwless Vise, 1-2-3 Block Set, All-Angle V-Block & Clamp Set. Travers recommended machine shops, toolrooms to buy Tooling Packages for Milling/Drilling to save big on budget. Choose from 16 different types of Milling/Drilling Tooling Packages to suit your machining needs. Enquire with us for more innovative solutions under various categories of Machine Tool Accessories for quick & efficient machining.
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