Engine & Toolroom
Travers offers 280 items under the Engine & Toolroom category. There are different brands available for lathe beds on Travers. These brands provide a variation in the features like a swing over bed, the distance between centers, spindle bore diameters, spindle mount, spindle taper, tailstock paper, horsepower, and spindle speed range. The brands offered by Travers are Baileigh, Clausing, Jet, Jet Elite, OTMT, and Palmgren. The range of swing over the bed over all the brands is 12 inches to 30 inches. The distance between the centers of these lathe beds is 25 inches to 157 inches and the spindle bore diameter varies from 1.375 inches to 4.125 inches. The various spindle mounts available are A2-11, D1-11, D1-4, etc. The tailstock papers for the lathe beds fall between 3MT to 6MT. The varying range of horsepowers is 1.5 HP to 20HP. There are different spindle speed ranges available as well. Baileigh has 12 inches x 36 inches dual voltage metal lathes, metal lathes with DRO, and a precision metal lathe. The swing over the bed varies from 12 inches to 18 inches. The distance between centers is 36 inches and 60 inches. The spindle bore diameter varies from 2.375 inches to 1.5 inches. And, the spindle taper is 5MT and 6MT. OTMT produces geared head engines & toolroom lathe beds. The swing over the bed is 13 inches and the distance between the centers is 40 inches. These lathe beds by OTMT have a spindle bore diameter of 2.04 inches and a spindle taper of 6MT. Palmgren manufactures 12 inches x 36 inches floor engine lathe and 16 inches x 60 inches floor engine length. The swing over the bed is 12 inches to 16 inches. The distance between the centers for the lathe beds is 36 inches to 60 inches. These lathe beds have a spindle taper of 5MT and 6MT along with spindle mounts of D1-4 and D1-6. That is not all. There are many more brands available at Travers that manufacture excellent quality lathes.
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