Deburring Handles
Travers hosts a wide variety of Manual Deburring Handles including Adjustable Scraper Tool, Style "D" Deburring Holder, Deburring Blade Holder, Ergonomic Handle, Keyway-Burr Tool, Mango II Handle, and Uni-Handle. Blade number compatible with the available Deburring Handles include B Blades, E Blades, D Blades, K Blades, N Blades, S Blades. Easily insert compatible deburring or countersinking blades to remove burrs and other surface defects from inner and outer straight and hole edges, or corners of narrow slots on inner straight edges with all the different types of Deburring Handles available here. Travers offers selected Deburring Handles from industry leaders like Noga and Shaviv. The Mango II handle from Shaviv is simple to use and is comfortable on standard-sized hands. While ergonomic handles from Noga is suitable for light-duty and heavy-duty applications. Deburring Handles on offer are made of Plastic or Aluminum. Stock up at Travers on manual Deburring Handles & tools and other finishing supplies today.
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