DTM TP100A Wedge Type Quick Change Tool Post

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Item #
  • Brand: DTM
  • Model #: TP100A
  • Style: Wedge Type
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DTM TP100A Wedge Type Quick Change Tool Post is no longer available for purchase.

For additional information, please contact one of our customer service representatives at 1-800-221-0270.

Product Specifications
More Information
Brand DTM
Model # TP100A
Style Wedge Type
Lathe Swing 17" - 22"
Type Ultra Precision Quick Change Tool Post
Prop. 65 Yes
Specification Tool Post
Weight 17 lbs.

Prop 65 Warning

Many metalworking products do contain metals that are included in the latest Prop 65 warning. Exposure to the elements can be harmful. May cause cancer and reproductive harm.

Repeat accuracy to within millionths!


  • No handle rattle or loosening; no chatter.
  • Backlash free engagement.
Turning & Facing Holder #1A
  • Accommodates various square tool sizes.
  • Takes turning and facing tool bits. Saves time!
Turning & Facing & Boring Holder #2A
  • Accommodates various square tool sizes.
  • The "V" groove is provided for holding round shanks.
Heavy Duty Boring Bar Holder #B
  • Precision ground bore provides maximum rigidity for boring operations.
  • Set screws assure positive shank alignment and locking.
Multiple Toolholder #6A
  • Ideal for multi-operations.
  • Gang tool set-ups.
  • Form tool. Saves time!
Parting Blade Holder (H.S.S.) #7A
  • Unique blade lock holds the blade straight eliminating blade vibrations.
  • Cuts close to the chuck.
  • Use T-shaped high speed cut-off blade only.
Threading Toolholder #8A
  • Simple blade design ensures rigidity.
  • Use lower edge and reverse spindle when threading from shoulder out.
  • Locking and helix angle adjustment is accomplished by two screws.
  • Supplied with blade.
Morse Taper Holder #MT
  • Offers the advantage of power feeding by carriage instead of hand feed from a tail stock.
  • Easily centered. Saves time!
Parting Blade Holder (Carbide) #70A
  • Holds blade & carbide insert for rapid cutting with wide range width of cuts.
  • Cutting forces help lock insert firmly in blade.
  • Blade locking is simple.
  • Use the extractor for insert removal and clamp release.
  • Uses SGI series cut-off blades.
  • Uses GTN series inserts.
Knurling Holder #10A
  • Unique design offers two knurl positions for various stock diameters.
  • Rigidity is maintained at all times for better knurling.
  • Supplied with two medium diamond high speed knurls, unless otherwise specified.
Threading & Grooving Holder #81A
  • Tool design permits right & left hand threading toward or out from shoulder.
  • Accomodates inserts for various thread profiles.
  • Uses TNMA or TNMC inserts.
Turning & Facing Holders #16A & #16NA
  • Accommodates triangular inserts.
  • Holder is used for turning or facing operations.
  • 16A uses TPG style inserts.
  • 16NA uses TNG style inserts.


  • Unique double action locking device.
  • Positive locking.
  • Double locking.


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