Travers offers more than 400 different Threaded Plug Gage. It has quality brands that provide a wide range of top-notch products that are suitable for all your requirements. The various brands available at Travers are Asimeto, S&M, and Vermont Gage. All these brands have so many different choices in the type, style, size, pitch, classification, and so on of the Threaded Plug Gage. The types of threaded plug gages available with Travers are Metric Thread Plug Gage, NPT Pipe Thread Plug Gage with Handle, Thread Plug Gage with Handle, etc. Go, NPT, Go/ No Go, and many more styles of Threaded Plug Gages can be found here. The size range offered here is 1/16 - 0.216 inch. This size range covers a huge variety of threaded plug gages that can be used for any and all purposes. Moreover, you can also choose between various pitches like 0.35 mm, 40 mm, etc. The Threaded Plug Gages that can be found on Travers can be classified into 2B, 3B, 6H, and X. Now you can check tolerances of threaded parts with respect to specific classifications or check internal metric heads with this wide range of choices in gages. Asimeto has NPT Pipe Thread Plug & Ring Gages, and Double Ended Go/ No Go types of Threaded Plug Gages. These gages vary in size from 1/8 inch to 3/4 inch. S&W has Nut & Bolt Thread Checkers of various sizes so that you can check a lot of nuts and bolts. Vermont has 200+ Threaded Plug Gages having diverse types like Taperlock Thread Plug Gages, Metric Thread Plug Gages, and much more. It also has a size range of 1/16 inch to 0.125 inch. Along with the different pitches and styles available you can find the perfect Threaded Plug Gage for your toolkit.
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