Tailstock Alignment
Travers has got your back in terms of Tailstock alignments which come in different shanks like 1 inch, 3/4 inch, BT 30, BTP 40, CATP 40, HSK 32A, PTI 40, 3MT, and many more, all according to your specific needs. Now, we provide you Tailstock alignments from different brands which provide alignment of different diameters, lengths, and shanks. Accutek Accuplus Steep Taper Face Contact Test Bars come in different lengths which lie between 7.87 inches to 11.81 inches and the bar diameter is from 0.98 inch to 1.57 inches. Now the main part is the Tailstock shank which is used to connect the handle to the operational end which comes in different types too which lies between BTP 30 to CATP 50. Accutek spindle test bars give a total indicator reading of 0.0001 inches which will give you an accurate alignment of your workpiece. These Tailstock alignment’s bar length lies between 9.84 inches to 11.81 inches and its bar diameter is from 0.98 inches to 1.96 inches which makes fair use of this tailstock. This tailstock includes a shank of BT, CAT, HSK, and PTI; BT from 30 to 40, CAT 40 and 50, HSK from 32A to 100A or larger, and PTI from 40 to 63 or larger. Turn tight alignment test bars are useful for aligning between centers and in morse taper spindle for alignment. Its test bar is especially for parallelism and concentricity to within 0.0001 inches. Its shank comes in 2MT, 3MT, 4MT, 3/4 inch, and 1 inch which includes bar length from 4.5 inches to 6.5 inches, and diameter lies between 0.625 inch to 1.125 inches. Edge tailstock alignment test bar lengths come in 12 inches and diameter will start from 1 inch. Its coating is anodized and it will be used to align the headstock to the tailstock. Here on Travers, we provide you with over 20 Tailstock alignments that are made of hardened steel and have high strength to provide improved results that you can trust.
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