Spade Blades
Hole making is known to account for more machining time and cost. With Travers wide selection of Spade Blade Drill Inserts, you get distinct cost and technical advantages over traditional twist, or indexable insert drills. We have an extensive selection of Spade Blade Drill Inserts made from High Speed Steel, or Cobalt. It comes in various grades like AM200® Super Cobalt, CPM-M4, Hardslick or Titanium coated variants. Apart from Standard insert type, we have Spade Blade Drill Inserts in Flat Bottom & Spot/Chamfer types. You can pick from a wide range of Blade series #0 to #8 or A to H for all your hole making requirements. Travers is offering a large assortments with blade sizes varying from 6 inches to 0.501 inch; thickness varying from 1/2 inch & under. These inserts are suitable for machining on any workpiece material ranging from nonferrous metals, stainless steel to carbon steels, alloy steels, tool steels. All the listed drill inserts are fully interchangeable and compatible with any standard tool holder from major manufacturers. Choose from over 740 different options of Spade Blade Drill Inserts for both standard and custom applications. Experience fewer tool with Indexable insert tools than solid tools, making it cost-effective for high-volume metalworking and fabrication applications. At Travers, we have created the right dynamic marketplace where it is simpler for you to choose the right Spade Blade Drill Inserts for your industrial operations. In addition to this, you can also enquire with us about the latest products in several categories of indexable cutting tools and supplies that can compliment the Spade Blade Inserts use in various drilling applications.
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