Round Stock
Browse a selection of Round Aluminum Rod stock in varying diameters of 6" or less and two length sizes at Travers. The rod stocks on offer here are heat-treatable and made of 6061 aluminum standard. The material property closely resembles that of steel. These rods are known for their medium to high strength, resistance to corrosion, and good weldability. The rods are ductile with an excellent machinability rating. Round Aluminum Rod stocks on display here conform to ASTM B209. This specification establishes the requirements for free-cutting rods of any specified cross-section for high-speed applications. Our sourcing is unmatched in the industry. Standard or Oversize in 36" and 72" lengths are available in varying diameter fractional sizes. Use these Aluminum stock rods for their superior machinability, thread rolling, and knurling characteristics. Choose from over 50+ selections of Round Aluminum Rods to meet your metal fabrication requirement. You may call us on our helpline number and get connected to our Technical Advisor for custom-sized Round Aluminum Rods.
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