Roll Benders
Whether you want an electric roll bender or a manual roll bender, Travers has every roll bender to make your roll bending experience better. We provide roll benders that will give you the perfect barrel-shaped item, or even, with the right sort of command over the rollers, cones too. We have an electric roll bender, hydraulic roll bender, manual compact roll bender, and manual roll bender. Every roll bender comes with a different round tube capacity and pipe capacity. Electric roll bender offers great versatility, bending, and rolling round, square, and solid tubing and flat bar. It comes with an open-face design that allows the operator to roll full circles. It is equipped with 6 various size segment rolls for flat bar, square tubing, and angle iron. These roll benders have a roll diameter of 5.8 inches and 4.6 inches. Hydraulic roll bender comes in two HP’s; 1.5 and 3. Hydraulic roll benders control the top forming roll which takes less effort and time on the operator to achieve the same radii. It is programmed for the upward and downward position allowing for accurate repeatable bends every time. It comes with a powerful direct gearbox drive system that delivers full torque when bending at full capacity. It comes with a voltage of 220V, pipe capacity of 2 inches, round tube capacity of 2.75 inches, and horsepower of 1.5 HP. Upper roll diameter is 5.827 inches and lower is 5.827 inches. ’Manual roll bender’s reduction gearbox cuts down on operator fatigue. Its pipe capacity lies between 0.5 to 2 inches and round tube capacity is between 1 to 2.75 inches. Manual compact roll bender makes precise bending small rods up to 1/4 inch easily. Its main feature is that it is a quick bend application because of its manual function. Its pipe capacity, round pipe capacity, and solid round capacity are 0.25 inch or smaller. Its handle length is 13.5 inches and minimum diameter is 3 inches. Sizes will differ in manual compact roll bender. Here on Travers, there are above 7 roll benders, fulfilling your needs.
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