The use of pneumatic connectors increases tool mobility, reduces operator fatigue, and extends the life of the hose. Swivels 360 degrees in two places, allowing the air hose to fall straight to the floor regardless of how the tool is handled. The tool is compatible with a wide range of air tools. These Connectors are a type of "universal-joint" that connects portable air tools to a supply line. The tool comes with a built-in flow control dial. All inflexible hoses become flexible and multi-directional when using this product. Work in difficult-to-reach regions is made simpler by the hose's stiffness, which requires less effort. It has advantages. There will be no more premature hose wear. No twisting means the hose stays in the best possible functioning position, reducing the risk of tendinitis. Never again will you have to fight an air hose! Grinders, Sanders, Glue Guns, Staple Guns, Drills, Buffers, and other air tools are all compatible. A universal-joint links portable air equipment to an air line using this item. It enhances tool mobility, reduces operator fatigue, and extends the life of the hose. Thread size measures 1/4 inches, 3/8 inches & 1/2 inches. The tool is made of a composite material that is non-abrasive. Swivel connections spin or swivel to aid pneumatic tubing lines avoid kinking and compression. They connect suitable air hoses and tubes to make it easier to utilise pneumatic equipment and keep air flow consistent. Travers is your metalworking and industrial supplies emporium with trusted brands, serving machine shops and job shops alike. Our online store is your one-stop shop for all things metalworking, and we're confident that we can assist you in finding the best quality solutions for all of your machine shop requirements. Travers has a large assortment of pneumatic accessories to help you get the most out of your pneumatic tools.
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