On-Edge Inserts- Grooving
From parting to grooving, Travers offer a dedicated range of On-Edge Carbide Inserts. The inserts come in multiple cutting edges and in shape of Parallelogram, Triangle or Penta. Edges can be rotated or indexed to expose a fresh cutting edge when the old one dulls. These listed Grooving inserts come in a wide selection of titanium-based PVD coatings for consistent and predictable performance, wear resistance, and longer tool life to maximize the removal rate. Use these Grooving Inserts for intended applications on steel, stainless steel, hardened steel, cast iron, nonferrous materials, titanium, and HRSA. Uncoated On-Edge Inserts are also available for light-duty applications. The listed Indexable Grooving inserts are compatible to mount on any standard tool holder. They can even be mounted as a cut-off blade in a lathe or CNC turning machine to remove sections of material or add grooves to workpieces. You may select a suitable Indexable Grooving Tool in standard fractional or decimal sizes. Travers is a complete source for On-Edge Grooving Inserts, promising good supply of shelf inventory and standard delivery. Now choose from over 165 options of On-Edge Grooving Inserts for both traditional and custom applications. Experience fewer tool change with Indexable Grooving tools than solid tools. Perfect for high-volume metalworking and fabrication applications that involves high speeds, high feeds, and difficult-to-machine materials.
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