Mounted Points
Travers offers a very extensive range of bonded Mounted Points. The bonded material comes in Cotton Fiber, Rubber, Rubberized Silicon Carbide, Wool, or Aluminum Oxide. The Mounted Points with bob shapes like Bullet Point, Cylindrical, Pointed, Tapered are available. Designed to meet individual grinding tool application needs, these products come in a broad range of grain types, grit sizes, hardness grades, and shapes. Pick the most suited Mounted Points based on your intended application. The maximum diameter of Mounted Points on offer ranges 9/32 inch to 1 inch and the shank diameter ranges between 1/8 inch to 1-1/4 inches. All the listed Mounted Points from brands like Matz, Cratex, and others are manufactured on modern production lines to high standards of dimensional accuracy and stability, consistent quality, and close tolerances. Stock up on your supplies of Finishing tools & accessories at Travers. Use our filter selection search matrix to sort out the correct Mounted Points based on the material, shape, and other specific operating requirements. Use Mounted Points for blending contours, deburring molded parts and mold finishing, ID grinding, offhand bench grinding, and tool and die applications.
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