Edge Finders are very handy when referencing your machine in the workplace. Here at Travers, we have different types of Manual Edge Finders including Edge & Center Finders that rotates with a spindle relative to a workpiece or Magnetic Edge Finder, or Touch Off Gage. Manual Edge Finders are rated to work with a spindle at a standard 1,200 RPM. It can fit any spindle and come in a body diameter of 1/2 inch, 3/8 inch, or 10 mm. Both off-centre and edge finding are possible with available types of Manual Edge Finder. The tip diameter on single-sided and double-sided edge finders come in 0.200 inch, 0.500 inch, 6 mm, or 10mm. Buy in bulk and save more with 4 piece Edge/Center Finder Set or Combo pack of Edge and Center Finders. On the other hand, we have Touch Off Gage by Edge Technology which is designed to quickly and accurately acquire your tool offsets. As the tool makes contact with Touch off Gage and the reading on the dial reads zero, you can be confident that your tool is exactly 4 inches off the surface. It drastically decreased setup time and eliminate tool path mismatch. Choose from 30 different types of Manual Edge Finders on Travers that suits your requirement.
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