Magnifiers & Loupes
Enhance the precision of your analysis and research with high-end Magnifiers and Loupes from leading brands including Bausch & Lomb, Elite Precision. These are often the go-to brands when it comes to magnifiers and loupes for industrial operations. Additionally, Travers is proud to market TTC brand of Magnifiers and Loupes to achieve high-end accuracy. Depending on the necessity of the industrial operation, we have Magnifiers and Loupes with varying magnifying abilities. The range of magnification includes 10X, 11X, 14X, 15X, 20X, 3.5/5/10X, 3X, 4X, 5 to 20X, 5X, 6X, 7X, and 9X. In terms of the types of Magnifiers and Loupes, you can choose from over 30 various options including Eye Loupe, Folding Pocket Magnifier, Hastings Coddington Magnifier, Hastings Triplet Magnifier, Illuminated Pocket Magnifier, LED + UV Light Power Loupe, Optical Magnifier, Rectangular Magnifier, Round Magnifier, Scales For Lenscope™ Magnifier, and even a Watchmaker's Loupe. Another important factor that you can use to shortlist the right Magnifiers and Loupes for your industrial operation is the diameter of the main lens. You can also shortlist the products based on the following available diameter ranging from 0.91" (23mm) to 75 mm. Along the lines of the diameter of the lens, another important factor is the focal length. The brands that we host also offer Magnifiers and Loupes in focal lengths varying between 0.39" (10 mm) to 6.9" (175 mm).
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