If you are looking for horizontal bandsaws then there is no better place than Travers. There are more than 50 items for you to choose from. These horizontal bandsaws are manufactured by leading brands like Clausing, Clausing Kalamazoo, Dake, Jet, and so on. These different bandsaws provide a massively varying range of maximum capacity rounds from 5 inches to 26 inches. Moreover, there is a wide variety of maximum rectangular rounds as well. The different types of horizontal bandsaws available at Travers are Heavy Duty, Mitering, Production, etc. The phases available are 1 Ph and 3 Ph. There is also a huge array of horsepower available from 0.5 HP to 7.5 HP. These items are compatible with the voltage range of 110V to 460V. Dake has great options for Standard and Heavy Duty Bandsaws. The maximum capacity rounds available are 7 inches, 9 inches, and 10 inches. Clausing offers Wet Cutting horizontal Bandsaws with a horsepower of 1.5 HP. The maximum capacity rounds available are 10 inches and 12-3/4 inches. If you are looking for Semi-Automatic, Automatic, and NC Automatic bandsaws then Clausing Kalamazoo provides excellent options. These Semi-Automatic bandsaws are of the type wet. Jet also has a huge variety of bandsaws available like Horizontal Bandsaws, Swivel Head Bandsaw with Hydraulic Downfed, Wet or Dry Cut-off Horizontal Bandsaws, and Semi-Automatic Bandsaws, etc. The range of Maximum Capacity Rounds is 5 inches to 12 inches. The types of these bandsaws are wet, heavy-duty, mitering, wet or dry, and so on. This is not all. There are many more brands with different types of bandsaws with different specifications. You can choose the bandsaw that is perfect for you according to different phases, voltage levels, horsepowers, etc. along with other features. You can also filter the products with whatever specifications you have in mind.
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