Honing Tools
From deburring tools to honing tools, Travers has provided you with different Honing tools with the best abrasive materials which can be utilized to work on the structure, layered accuracy, and surface nature of a workpiece under consistent surface contact. Every material is different from one another. Here on Travers, you are going to find honing tools from various different brands like DMT, Flex-Hone, Micro, TTC, etc which will meet your desired need. DMT Diamond Honing cones are coated on the outside of the radius only. Its abrasive material is diamond. Its diameter ranges from 1/8 inch to 3/8 inch or larger with an overall length of 6 and 8 inches. Flex-Hone has different honing tools; tools for rotors, 10 pieces deburring set, diamond honing tools, honing tools for chamfer blending, and honing tools in different abrasive lengths. All these honing tools differ in many aspects like abrasive material. Flex-Hone have four different abrasive material; diamond, silicon carbide, zirconia alumina, and aluminum oxide. It has different grades; coarse, medium, and fine. Its diameter ranges from 0.148 inch to 8 inches or larger according to availability. Its abrasive length ranges from 3/4 inch to 3 inches or larger. Flex-Hone grit lies between 60Z to 240Z and the overall length for all the tools ranges from 13-1/2 inches to 8 inches. Micro 100 provided one honing tool which sharpens any type of blade, straight edge, serrated knives, scissors, garden tools, fish hooks, etc. It has an overall length of 4 inches and a weight of 0.1 lbs. TTC Diamond hones come in two types of grit; Single-end and double end. Single-end is of 100 or 400 grit and the double end is of 150/320 grit. Its abrasive material is diamond and its grade is fine. It is 3/8 inch wide. Every honing tool is made of the best quality possible.
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