General Purpose Work Gloves
When it comes to working in hazardous conditions or industries, safety always comes first. It is not optional and you need to take the necessary precautions to protect yourself from harm. Your hands come in contact with heavy-duty equipment and are often in the path of danger. To ensure safety. Travers has a wide range of premium quality General Purpose Work Gloves so that your hands can be shielded. The brands at Travers are Ansell Edmont, BDG, Ergodyne, Import, OTMT, Pyramex, STKR, TTC, and Tunerwear. The sizes available are Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, XX-Large. These General-Purpose Work Gloves come in different material types as well as glove coatings. Ansell Edmont has general-purpose work gloves made of Cotton blend, Nitrite foam rubber, Foam nitrite, Nylon, and Polyurethane. It also has a glove coating of nitrile and foam nitrile. The sizes available are M, L, XL. BDG offers gloves made of Cowhide leather palm, Dyneema, Fiberglass, Lycra, Large Nylon, Latex, and many other materials. The coatings offered by BDG are split leather cowhide, polyurethane, kevlar/lycra, cut/tear-resistant, etc. The sizes available are M, L, XL, XXL. Ergodyne makes Nylon blend general-purpose work gloves with Tena Grip/Neoprene coating available in S, M, L, X, XXL sizes. Import has cotton & leather as well as polyester gloves. The coatings available are leather, foam nitrile, and polyurethane. The sizes available are L and XL. OTMT makes safety gloves in XL size. Pyramex has HPPE and latex elastic gloves and Nylon, Spandex, latex elastic. The sizes available are M, L, Xl, XXL. STKR has Neoprene gloves with no coating available in S/M, L, XL sizes. TTC has uncoated gloves with cowhide leather palm, shoulder split cowhide, full leather palm, and so on. The sizes offered are L and XL. Tunerwear has Prime Series Mechanics and Anti-vibration gloves that are available in two materials, 55% synthetic leather, 24% spandex 4-way, 3% impact, 3% neoprene, 5% PVC, 7% elastic, 3% hook & loop and other material is 45% leather, 25% L-Mesh, 2-way back, 10% PVC, 10% Lycra, 7% elastic, 3% hook and loop. These gloves are uncoated and available in M, L, and XL sizes.
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