General Purpose Cleaners
If you are looking for General Purpose Cleaners then you have come to the right place. Travers has many exciting and leading brands that offer a huge variety of general-purpose cleaners in different containers, and different forms. So, the brands at Travers are LPS, Monroe, Peak, Rustlick, Simple Green, Surge, Tri-flow, Valcool. The types of general-purpose cleaners found on Travers are anti-freeze, citrus solvent degreaser, cleaner/degreaser, solvent degreaser, water-soluble rust inhibitor, and windshield cleaner. There are various container types as well like an aerosol can, bottle, drum, jug, pail, and so on. These containers come in varying sizes as well as per the brand of the general-purpose cleaners. These general-purpose cleaners can have different forms like liquid, liquid concentrate, liquid spray, and aerosol. Some of these general-purpose cleaners can be disinfectants as well. These cleaning solutions have different applications and hence they can be used on select surfaces like, all surfaces except magnesium, Automotives, ferrous metals, metals, washable surfaces, all materials, etc. Valcool has Van-Sol solvent degreases and Val-Sol machine cleaner. These solutions fall under the category of solvent degreasers and machiner cleaners. The solutions come in an aerosol can. They can be used in metals and most plastics. This solution is in liquid form. Tri-Flow has excellent lubricants and degreasers to offer. These lubricants and degreasers come in an aerosol can and the solution inside is also in the form of an aerosol. They are suitable for all materials. Peak has 50/50 prediluted antifreeze and coolant, pre-mixed antifreeze/coolant, and so on. Peak has developed antifreeze solutions for automotive. The solution comes in a bottle and is in the form of liquid. The list does not end here. There are many other general-purpose cleaners of various brands and types available so now you can pick the one that suits your purpose the best.
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