Fluid Filter & Skimmer Accessories
Travers has a huge variety of Fluid Filters & Skimmer Accessories. There are different brands, types, and sizes that can be used with various equipment so that you do not leave without finding the right fit for you. The brands available for fluid filter and accessories are Abanaki, Graymills, Mini-skimmer, Rustlick, and Zebra skimmers. The types of fluid filter and accessories available are 10" magnetic tube, 11" Reach Tube & Gear, Cartridge, 11" Tube Assembly only, 12" Conversion Wheel, 12" Hight Temp Conversion Wheel, etc. There is a lot of variety available in this section, therefore, they can be used with a wide range of equipment like 12" wheel skimmers, belt oil skimmers, chip grabber tube skimmer, diverter only, heavy-duty bed filters, and so on. Abanaki has ChipGrabber Magnetic tube, 8" magnetic tube, 10" magnetic tube, 8" tube, 12" tube, 18" tube, 24" tube, and 30" tube. These accessories are compatible with ChipGrabber Tube Skimmers, TubeTastic, and Tube Skimmers. Graymills have bed filters of the type 40/80 media bed filter and 120/60 media bed filter. These filters can be used with heavy-duty bed filters. Mini-skimmer has belt-type oil skimmer systems. These systems are made of Polyurethane belts of 8", 12", 18", 24". They are compatible with different mini skimmers like 27s, 36s, 48s, 60s. Rustlick provides the following products 12" conversion wheel, 12" high temp conversion wheel. These products are compatible with 12" wheel skimmer and tramp oil skimmer. Zebra Skimmer offers tramp oil diverter, lockout for machinist, mixer, 8", 12" and 18" reach standard belt, 2 piece wiper set, lockjaw maintaining clamp, motor assembly, 8" reach tube & gear cartridge. With this diverse range of fluid filters and accessories, it is possible for you to use quality equipment that is best suited to the work in hand and you. These products are valued for money and only come with the highest quality.
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