ER Collets
Whether you’re looking to hold tooling or round stock, ER collets are an industry standard for machine work. Travers offers ER collets in three categories including ER Spring Collet, ERCOOLIT™ Sealed Collet, or On-Size ER Steel Sealed Coolant types. We have these Collets in vast size ranges. It is available in standard series like ER-11, ER-16, ER-20, ER-25, ER-32, ER-40. The numbers represent the opening diameter of the tapered receptacle in millimeters. All ER Collets on display are made from Alloy spring steel and fully hardened. They are perfect for common machining applications like boring, milling, reaming, tapping, and grinding. Unless specified differently all of the ER collets feature runout of 0.0003 inches or less. As you tighten the nut on your holder, the ER collet collapses together to hold round tools or stock. You can sort out the desirable sized ER Collets for intended applications using our selection search matrix. ER Collets have become an essential element of every machine shop. Travers has one of the most comprehensive ER collet selections available in the industry including ER collets in oversize collets such as ER16 in 7/16, ER20 in 9/16, and ER32 in 7/8. We are also offering ER Collets in sets. If you’re a new machinist and looking to add accessories to your machine, one of the best purchases you can make is a robust set of ER collets. Starting with a full set allows you to hold just about any tool and then you can add the common sizes you need multiples. It’s a good idea to have a handful of each size for the common tooling sizes in your toolbox. Pick from nearly 415 varieties of ER Collets in various types, size range from all leading brands. Stock up your supplies at Travers on more Tool Accessories for efficient machining.
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