Cut-Off / Parting Sets with Blade, Block and Inserts
Leverage the advantage of fewer tool changes in high-volume metalworking and fabrication applications with these Indexable Cut-off & Parting tools. Travers offers Indexable Cut-off & Parting Tools in Sets that consists of Blocks, Blades, and Inserts. An Allen key is included with each set for quick set-up. Only GTN series inserts are offered with these Indexable Cut-off & Parting Sets. The sets have blocks that accept blade height of 0.748 inch (19mm), 1.024 inch (26mm), or 1.26 inch (32mm). The cutting width on offer ranges between 0.087 inch, 0.120 inch, 0.122 inch and 0.160 inch. Viewed from a cost perspective, indexable tools represent a significant investment, however, they have the potential to last longer. We provide unparalleled metal-working solutions to customers, employees, vendors, and industries that we serve. No matter the material, surface finish, or accuracy requirement, we have the right Indexable Cut-off & Parting Tools that can enhance your productivity and profitability. Save big when buying in a combo pack of Indexable Cut-off & Parting Blocks, Blades, and Inserts. Now choose from 18 different sets of Indexable Cut-off & Parting Tools for both traditional and custom applications, only on Travers.
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