Cut-Off Wheel
Travers has a wide selection of Cut-Off Wheels with more than 100 options to choose from. It has some of the leading brands offering their best Cut-Off Wheels. The brands available are 3M, Bullard, CGW-Camel, Dewalt, Everett, Falcon, Sait, and TTC. The wheel diameter for these Cut-off Wheels ranges from 1 inch to 16 inches. There are different hole sizes available as well that fall between 1/8 inch to 1inch. The different options for thread sizes are 1/8 inch to 1-1/4 inches, also there are Cut-off Wheels that do not come with threads. The thickness of these Cut-Off Wheels varies from 0.040 inch to 1 inch. Some of the abrasive materials used in these Cut-Off Wheels available on Travers are Ceramic, White Aluminium, Zirconia Aluminium, Aluminium oxide, and so on. Moreover, across these available brands, reinforced and non-reinforced Cut-Off Wheels are present. CGW-Camel has Cut-Off Wheels made of Zirconia Aluminium, White Aluminium, and Aluminium Oxide as the abrasive material. The diameters of the wheels offered by CGW-Camel fall between 3 inches to 16 inches. The Cut-Off Wheels by CGW-Camel are of the no-thread type. Falcon also has different types of wheels like Blue Talon Cut-Off Wheel, Reinforced Extra performance, Double reinforced, and so on. These Cut-Off Wheels are threaded. The hole sizes range from 1/8 inch to 7/8 inch. The diameter of these Cut-Off Wheels ranges from 1 inch to 10 inches. The abrasive materials used are Aluminium Oxide, Zirconia Aluminum, and Ceramic. If you are looking for electric grinders, precision tool room Cut-Off wheels, and/or general-purpose resinoid Cut-Off wheels then TTC has just the right collection for you. These Cut-Off wheels come in both threaded and non-threaded options. The diameters for these wheels fall in the range of 3 inches to 12 inches. That’s not it. Other brands also have a great selection of Cut-Off Wheels to choose from with different features.
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