Combo Drill & Countersink Sets
If you are looking for Combo Drill & Countersink Sets then, look no more. Travers has a collection of the best brands like Dormer, Keo, Magafor, Micro 100, and TTC Production. There are different included angles, tool materials, finish coatings, case type_material, and a number of pieces. The included angles available are 60 degrees, 80 degrees, and 90 degrees. The material for the Combo Drill & Countersink Sets are High-Speed Steel, M35 5% Cobalt, M42 8% Cobalt, and Solid Carbide. The different types of finish coatings are Bright and TiN. The number of pieces available in a package also varies from 4 to 14. TTC Production has a variety of Combo Drill & Countersink Sets made of High-Speed Steel and M35 5% Cobalt. The included angle provided by TTC Production is 60 degrees. The finish coating to the Combo Drill & Countersink Sets is Bright. The TTC Production has a plastic pouch case for some of its products while the other products do not come with a case. KEO has Combo Drill & Countersink sets with the included angle of 60 degrees. The tool materials available for the sets made by KEO are M42 8% Cobalt, High-Speed Steel, and Solid Carbide. It provides two coatings for finishing, bright and TiN. These Combo Drill & Countersink sets have wood as the material for its case. Dormer has Bright Finish General Purpose Combined Drill and Countersink Sets. The included angles available are 60 degrees, 80 degrees, and 90 degrees. The material used in these sets is High-Speed Steel and M42 8% Cobalt. As the name suggests the finish coating available is Bright. The material for the case is plastic. These are not the only sets offered by Travers. There are many more brands available that have different combinations of included angles, tool materials, coatings, and so on.
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