D-Clamp Holders - Type D
Are you searching for the best D-Clamp Holder of Type-D? At Travers, you will find the perfect D-Clamp Holder of Type-D that is customized for your particular requirements. There are more than 100 options to choose from. There are various brands to choose from. Each of these brands provides a variety of approach angles, shanks, overall lengths, etc. These D-Clamp Holders of Type-D can be used for different inserts like CNMG 43, CNMG 54, DNMG 33, DNMG 44, and so on. The approach angle of the Type-D D-Clamp Holders ranges from 45 to 95 degrees. There are various shanks available within the range of 5/8" to 1.5". The overall length of these clamp holders also lies between 4" and 7". These tools are specially customized for left-handed and right-handed people. The brands available at Travers are Dorian, TTC Production, and Walter. If you are looking for tool holders suitable for negative WNMG, VNMG, CNMG, and DNMG inserts then Dorian has the best selection for you. Dorian has the finest tool holders of the types DWLN, DVJN, DCLN, and DDJN. The overall length for the D-Clamp Holders of Type-D provided by Dorian ranges from 4.5" to 7". The approach angles offered by this brand are 93 degrees and 95 degrees. The shank also varies from 3/4" to 1.5". There are left-handed and right-handed options available. TTC Production has DCLN, DSDN, DTTN, and DTGN types of tool holders for negative CNMG, SNMG, and TNMG inserts. The approach angle varies from 45 degrees to 95 degrees, and the range of the overall length is 4.5" to 6". There is neutral and right-handed options present. That is not all. There are many more products and brands for you to pick from. Now, you can add the relevant filters and find the D-Clamp Holder Type-D that is just perfect for you.
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