At Travers, we understand the versatility of Belt Grinding for all kinds of different applications including Finishing, Deburring and Stock Removal. We have Wide Belt Grinders for high stock removal from metals like stainless steel, titanium, and nickel alloys. Different types of machines are available for both wet or dry operation. Special operations can be performed with available Horizontal Belt Grinders and Disc Sanders. Special Belt Grinders with Vacuum Base is also on offer here. The belt grinding process is variable by adjusting parameters such as belt speed, grinding pressure, feed speed, durometer of the contact drum, size of the contact drum and the abrasive belt that is used. We have belts with speed ratings of 1800 SFPM to 8000 SFPM. Single-phase or Three-phase Belt Grinders are available that can run between 110 V to 440 V, AC supply. The quality of industrial belts is one of the crucial factors for accurate processing and usage. It becomes even more important to buy belts from the best brands available. You get to choose form over 180 varieties of Belt Grinders & Sanders from leading manufactures like Burr King, Dynabrade, Jet, Kalamazoo, Palmgren, and Powermatic. With these brands, along with the other customizations that are available and you can choose from, you can rest assured that this piece of industrial equipment will last for several decades to come.
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