It's 10pm. Do You Know Where Your Supplies Are?

SupplyPro™ Provides 24/7/365 Efficiency, Accountability & Cost Savings

Install an automated system to dispense tools for your machinists while speeding the process of inventory replenishment. All you need is a power source and an internet connection. For more information, you can call us at 1-800-234-9985 (press 4) to speak to our technical group.

SupplyPro™ vending solutions deliver significant savings on our tools and supplies. They offer secured control for a diverse set of items, with accountability for expensive, easily misplaced tools, with check in and check out control. SupplyPort™ software keeps everything organized. Choose the option that best fits your needs!


    • Compact size makes it perfect for a table, desktop or wall mounting.
    • Fits perfectly on a tool cabinet, workbench or tool chest.
    • Dimensions: 18.5"W x 22"H x 14.35"D


    • Great for new shop floor cabinets or can be retrofitted to existing cabinets drawer-by-drawer.
    • Lids can be set to provide Absolute Control® for single-item dispense and return or part number level control, for higher-density management.
    • Allows users to choose the best level of access control and accountability, for each application.
    • Dimensions SC900 Stock Cabinet: 28-1/4"W x 28-1/2"D x 39-3/8"H

    Supply Bay™

    • Engineered for harsh, industrial environments.
    • Delivers reliable high-volume dispensing year-after-year for a wide range of industrial tools and supplies including: cutting tools, welding supplies, safety supplies, batteries, maintenance items & shop supplies.
    • Dimensions: 72"H x 41"W x 34-1/8"D

    Supply Locker™

    • Modular design lets you configure each system to meet your facility requirements.
    • The industrial solution to manage consumable and returnable tools, supplies and other assets.
    • Patented take/return technology.
    • Advanced control capabilities include: tool and gage calibration, certification standards, lock down requirements, loan periods, quantity limits & “one-for-one” exchanges.
    • Dimensions: 36"W x 76"H x 22"D

    All units come complete with SupplyPort™ software (power source and internet connection needed).